Balancing Exposure With Flash

A couple of weeks ago we talked about techniques for shooting in the bright sunlight.  This week we'll discuss a flash technique that can help you balance the exposure of your subject and your background when you're photographing a subject that is … [Read more...]

Watch Your Backgrounds!

One of the challenges of on-location photography can be finding good locations with clean, appealing backgrounds.  Sometimes you will have to settle for the location you're in, even if it's a bad one.  This week we'll talk about a couple of … [Read more...]

Photography In The Bright Sun

We've all been there.  A photo shoot in the bright sun.  Mid-day light is horrific and about as subtle and lovely as a garbage truck.  It's best to avoid it at all costs, but there are times when you have no choice. Here's a quick study of a couple … [Read more...]

5 Random Photography Tips

I think we can all agree that lists are fantastic.  You know what else is fantastic?  Photography tips.  This week, we are combining both of these fantastic things into a fast, fantastic list of photography tips.  Exciting, right!? Here we go: 1. … [Read more...]

3 Important Things That Bear Repeating

Here at PWD Labs there are a few subjects that come up all the time that are so important that they bear repeating.  This blog is dedicated to the three top most important things we think every photographer needs to do. 1. CALIBRATE YOUR MONITOR: … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Freak Out Your Digital Camera

Digital cameras are amazing machines, but they have their limits.  Here are 10 ways to freak out your digital camera. 1. Magenta, Red and Green, Oh my! - Digital cameras hate red.  It totally makes them crazy in the pixels.  Throw in magenta and … [Read more...]

Shoot Day Checklist: Be Prepared!

Be prepared.  It’s a motto good enough for the Boy Scouts, and it’s good enough for us photographers too.  You just can’t say enough about how important it is to be prepared for a shoot.  Knowing you have everything you need and that you haven’t … [Read more...]

Camera Settings And Tools You Should Be Using If You’re Not

Lists are kind of satisfying, don't you agree?  Last week we talked about 5 ways to get your creativity going.  This week I want to focus on breaking out of your routine and trying some new camera settings or in camera tools that can help you get … [Read more...]

Panoramas: They’re Not Just For Landscapes Anymore

Panoramas are great for capturing vast landscapes, but did you know you can also apply panorama techniques to more than just landscapes?  In this blog, we'll discuss the traditional method for making a panorama, and we'll also talk about a couple … [Read more...]