POST Is Merging With Photographer’s Edit

[UPDATE 5/13] As of today, all post-production, retouching, and album design orders should be placed via the PE website. You may log in to the PE website using the same login credentials you use for the POST site. Please continue to use ROES for … [Read more...]

Endless Tweaking Does Not Mean Endless Improvement

Does this sound familiar? You wake up in the morning and decide to color-correct a few images. Then the coffee is ready, so you take a break. When you come back to the images, they don't look as you remember, so you correct a bit more. Then the … [Read more...]

Faster File Return for JPG Shooters

When photographers submit JPG files for correction, POST also returns JPGs by default. That means you're uploading and downloading about the same amount of data. There is, however, a faster way to get your edits back. Ask us to return a Lightroom … [Read more...]

Comic: The Magic of Photography

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Easy FTP Uploading and Downloading for Windows Users

FTP is super easy for Windows users. That's because Windows comes built-in with FTP functionality. It's as easy as opening My Computer, typing in the POST server address (it's just like our web address expect starting with "ftp" instead of "www"), … [Read more...]

Comic: How Lazy

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Dear Photos 2

See the original Dear Photos here. … [Read more...]

Comic: Good Exposure

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Comic: Sit Still

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Upload Images From Lightroom to POST

Did you know you can upload your images directly from Lightroom? With the addition of a simple plug-in, your Lightroom exports can be saved directly to your POST FTP account. Depending on your workflow, this may save you the extra step of … [Read more...]