Monitor Calibration: A Real World Example

We've talked multiple times before about monitor calibration and how critical it is to the process of post-production.  Recently, we had a real world example help drive the point home.A client who had received some corrected images from Post … [Read more...]

3 Important Things That Bear Repeating

Here at PWD Labs there are a few subjects that come up all the time that are so important that they bear repeating.  This blog is dedicated to the three top most important things we think every photographer needs to do. 1. CALIBRATE YOUR MONITOR: … [Read more...]

Should You Calibrate Your Monitor?

Should you calibrate your monitor? Yes. The answer is always yes. "So you're saying I should calibrate my monitor?" Great idea, yes. Why do I sound like a crazy person about monitor calibration??  It's super important, and lots of … [Read more...]

Monitor Calibration 101

As a photographer, color is very important to your business.  Calibration, therefore, is critical to your post-production workflow. Whether you correct your own images or have Post do it for you, a calibrated monitor is the only way to ensure that … [Read more...]