AfterCapture – A Case For Outsourcing

Post client Erica Schneider was featured in the December issue of AfterCapture. She discusses why she decided to outsource her post-production work and how she chose Post (then called PWD Labs) as the perfect solution. If you're still not … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Need Your Clients To Display Your Work

Thanks to our friend, Kevin Hamilton, from Quad Framing for sharing this helpful and simple marketing strategy with our readers. Word of mouth is the least expensive, most valuable form of marketing a photographer can create – we all know … [Read more...]

5 Elements to a Successful Studio

Our friend Emily Potts from Moms With Cameras gave us a special gift to share with our readers. If there's anyone that knows how to run a successful photography business from home while raising a family, it's Emily. In this insightful guide, she … [Read more...]

Why Photographers Outsource (and what it says about their business)

In talking with photographers about post-production work over the past few years, I've found that there are three primary reasons for outsourcing this work. What's more, the reasons for doing so evolve over time and are often indicative of the … [Read more...]

Turning Objections into Opportunities

Turning Objections into Opportunities By guest contributor, Sarah Petty Sometimes when you’re selling to your photography clients, it can feel like you’re constantly being met with objections, and the feeling can be daunting. But, if you aren’t … [Read more...]

Photographer Spotlight – Allison and Matt

At the end of the 2010 senior portrait season, Allison Ragsdale was beat. The Durango, Colorado-based photographer and her husband, Matt, had done it all: met with seniors, captured their portraits, processed their images, and delivered prints and … [Read more...]

Handling Selling Objections Head On in Your Photography Business

Handling Selling Objections Head On in Your Photography Business By guest contributor, Sarah Petty As a photography business owner, if you dread selling to your clients because you know that there are going to be objections, you’re not alone. I … [Read more...]

What is a Photogrepreneur?

Just about every photographer I know has their own business. Most get into it for the art and the love of photography, but there's no denying that an entrepreneurial spirit is required as well. For the business to succeed, these two personas - the … [Read more...]

Are You Taking Care of Business?

We know that you’re doing business.  The evidence is everywhere.  You sign contracts, shoot jobs, process images and deliver products to customers.  But are you taking care of business?  Are you keeping in touch with customers the way you know you … [Read more...]

Guest Article: Stick to Money-Making Activities

A big thanks to today's guest blogger, Emily Potts, for sharing her secret to keeping sane when business picks up. When I first started my business, I had no money, no clients, but plenty of time. Needless to say, it was very easy for me to assume … [Read more...]