FTP Troubleshooting for Mac Users

The following troubleshooting tips should help if you experience difficulties with transferring files via FTP. For full instructions on using FTP on a Mac, please click here.

Issue: I cannot connect to FTP.

Solution: Ensure you are entering the correct log on info:

  • The host field should contain “ftp.postedits.com” (without the quotes).
  • The username and password are the same as what you use to log on to the POST website. Try logging on to the POST site to ensure you are using the correct credentials, or use the forgot password link to retrieve a forgotten password.
  • The Port field should be left blank.

Issue: When I try to upload files, it says I do not have permission to do so.

Solution: Make sure you are in the Uploads directory and not the Downloads directory. You may only upload within the Uploads directory.

Issue: The upload or download failed during a transfer.

Solution: First, check the Failed transfer tab at the bottom of Filezilla. If there are files within, right-click them and tell it to retry. If this is not the case, you may re-start the transfer. When Filezilla sees a file that has already been transferred, you can tell it to skip over the existing file (check the provided options to see which makes sense for your situation).

Issue: My upload is taking a long time.

Solution: Transfer time depends on your network speed and the total file size you’re transferring. Click here to estimate your upload times.

If you continue to have difficulties, please contact us for assistance.



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