Quickly Reset Lightroom Development Settings

Coming to you from the Department of Fewer Mouse Clicks, here is a quick and easy tip for reverting Lightroom Develop settings back to their initial state:

  • Double-click on any slider label to reset that individual slider.
  • Double-click on the “WB” text (shown below) to reset the White Balance, Temp, and Tint.
  • Double-click on “Tone” to reset all the sliders within that section.
  • Similarly, double-click on “Presence” to reset Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation.

Enjoy fewer mouse clicks!

Quick-Tip: To reset all Develop Settings at once, choose one or more photos and press Shift-Command-R (Mac) or Shift-Control-R (Windows).

Quick-Tip: Enjoy even fewer mouse clicks when you send your images to POST for correction, retouching, and album design.

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