Business of Photography Free Guide: How’s Business?

We’re not just making small talk – How’s business? In this three-part guide, Post CEO and Business of Photography speaker Jerry Weiner puts the focus on profitability, capacity, and pricing – all of which need to be in order for a successful photo business.

If you love f-stops but struggle with dollar signs, this guide is for you!

Part I – Is My Business Profitable? (click to download)
I have paying jobs and clients, but am I charging enough to cover all my expenses? Am I
actually making any money?

Part II – Am I Fully Booked or Just Busy? (click to download)
I want to expand my business, but there’s already not enough time in the day for my
current workload. How can I possibly take on more jobs without working 24/7?

Part III – How Do I Price Myself and My Services? (click to download)
Now that I understand my revenues, expenses, and time utilization, how do I use that
information to set prices?



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  2. Thanks so much to share this important steps to learn the business of photography. I apreciate it so much!

  3. This looks really helpful. I try to stay on top of this part of my business, but find it’s always good to take a fresh look with another person’s help. So thanks! 🙂

  4. Thank you! 🙂