Quicker Downloads for JPG Orders

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Quicker Downloads for JPG Orders

When photographers submit JPG files for correction, Post returns JPGs by default. That means you’re uploading and downloading about the same amount of data. There is, however, a faster way to get your edits back.

Ask us to return a Lightroom catalog and instead of downloading 10MB per JPG, you’ll only have to download one catalog file which averages 20-50MB. Then it’s a simple matter of connecting our catalog with your original JPG files.

The trade-off is that you’ll need to export final JPGs on your end, but that’s typically quicker than the download process.


Quick-Tip: Learn how to associate the catalog we return with your original image files. Quick-Tip: Though we accept JPGs, we always recommend the RAW+XMP workflow for its flexibility and quick delivery.
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