Lightroom 5 Early Adopters

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Lightroom 5 Early Adopters

As you’ve no doubt heard, Lightroom 5 was released last week. If you’ve already installed your copy, you might be wondering about Post’s plans for supporting the new version.

Have no fear – we will be officially announcing our plans for Lightroom 5 shortly. In the meantime, you will be happy to hear that we can already support early adopters.

Lightroom 5 continues to use the same process version as Lightroom 4, meaning that the XMPs created in one version can be used in the other. So, if you’ve upgraded to Lightroom 5, all you need to do is request Lightroom 4 XMPs from Post, and the corrections will come through flawlessly.


Quick-Tip: Learn about Lightroom 5’s new features on the Adobe website. Quick-Tip: Wedding season is here! Get acquainted with your Post editor now, before you get too far behind on editing.
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