5 Ways to Create Buzz for Your Photography Business

Today’s guest article is by SEO expert Fueza Reis:


I recently relocated to a new state which required that I revisit the marketing tactics I have used in the past.  When I originally started my photography business I had a budget of zero for promotion. I needed new clients, so I turned to social media and online marketing, which quickly created buzz.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating buzz for your photography business.

1) “Own your zip code.”

This was the famous quote of the ultra-talented wedding photographer Mike Colon from a video he uploaded. I ran into Mike at WPPI and thanked him personally for his valuable advice. At the time I was complaining about a lack of new business. I had wanted to fully transition into just wedding photography and wasn’t having the success I wanted. When I heard that, I realized that people in my local area did not know who I was or what I did.

Worst of all, I did not know the local wedding industry.

As a wedding photographer you must learn who’s who in your local wedding industry. Who are the florists? Who are the planners? Who are the stationery artists? Who books the venues?  How do you expect people to hire or refer you if they don’t know you exist?

2) Hit the pavement.

I remember whining at that time, sitting at home and badmouthing the economy for my lack of an income.

I vowed to change that. I looked up some wedding networking events—there are quite a few, including the ABC, ISES, and NACE.  These are all national associations that offer monthly meetings.

I had the crappiest business card ever but I went anyway. I could not go to as many meetings as I wanted – many cost $35-$50, plus gas, etc.  The events I went to helped tremendously. Many of the same folks attend the same events so my face and name became familiar, which helped in the next strategy.

3) Promote others online and they won’t ignore you.

I began following florists, planners and venues on Twitter as I added online networking to my strategy. This way, even though I was not at the events, I was getting my name out there and people remembered me.

When I launched my SEO program and was looking for sponsors, it became easier for me to get support because I had supported others so they now believed in what I was doing. I took the time to care, to observe, and to connect people, and it certainly has paid off.

If you want to get into wedding venues, visit the established ones and feature them online. This way, you don’t sound like a cold caller when you email them asking to go out for coffee. Emailing for a coffee date is a common suggestion taught in the photo industry. If I was a busy planner getting an email from an unknown photographer, I would probably not go. There are too many newbie photographers who have such a thirst for work that they become a bit selfish. For them, it’s all about me, me, and me.

So, featuring a venue or other local business will not only help you with SEO but will also promote others. If you feature a venue or a business on your blog and you post on their Facebook or Twitter account, they are bound to notice that, to thank you, and to even repost you. You will stand out from the crowd, which in turn will help create buzz about your business.

4) Show the story behind the scenes.

Why are reality shows so popular now? Because as human beings we are curious about other people’s lives. You don’t need to put your whole life out there for others to see but you can share the excitement of what you are doing.

People love to see snippets of your life and business, and that can be done in a professional and fun way. How much you need to share will depend on what kind of brand you have. Some brands are more traditional while others are more funky and fun. Be sure to respect the core and essence of what you stand for as this will lead you to know what and how much you can share online.

Some examples include posting photos of you with your clients, decor, design, remodeling, and of course, food. I have found that the topics I get most engagement with are Food and Technology. I love using Instagram, and now, Vine video.

5) Get published.

Getting published is a great way to create a buzz.   Although in reality I may have done only a handful of weddings, it appeared through my online presence that I was much more experienced, which in turn, made me believe more in myself. It gave me a huge boost, lent me authority online, and also strengthened my identity as a connector.

How to get featured in blogs is a whole other post but my number one recommendation is to just submit your work! If they say no, that’s fine; don’t take it personally, don’t get down, move on and try again.

Before submitting your work, though, do your homework. Study the blogs to which you want to submit and find the name of the editor (or website owner) so you have someone to which to send your article.

Getting featured online via a blog or a press release is amazing for SEO. The more sites that link back to you, the more “votes” you will get in the search engines, which will increase your site’s ranking. And the more other sites verify and confirm that you are who you are, the more likely Google and other search engines will help you get found online.

Creating an online buzz for your business does take work and some time but one thing’s for sure;  it is definitely what’s needed by businesses nowadays. It’s what you need to get your photography business rolling!


Feuza Reis is a Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer, Blogger and founder of the Get Found with Fuse SEO for photographers Bootcamp.