Before and After in Lightroom

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Before and After in Lightroom

Say you just received corrected XMP files back from Post. You excitedly load them into Lightroom, alongside your original RAW files. As you watch, beautifully corrected image previews update one-by-one.

Sometimes, however, the changes are subtle, and you may want to compare the original and corrected versions. Lightroom offers two easy ways to do this:

Backslash – In the Develop module, bring up an image that has had adjustments applied. Now press the backslash key ( \ ) to see the image without adjustments. Press the key again to return to the adjusted version. Jump back and forth as much as you like.

Y Key – You can also view the before and after images side-by-side. In the Develop module, press Y to toggle this preview on and off.

You even have flexibility over how the before and after images are arranged. Toggle the arrangement via the before-after icon which is located below and to the left of the image (pictured below, right). You can always press Y to return to normal or click the Loupe View icon (below, left).

Quick-Tip: Don’t believe you can return images in a week? Here’s a simple post-event schedule that shows how to achieve this feat. Quick-Tip: Wedding season is here! Get acquainted with your Post editor now, before you get too far behind on editing.
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