How to Get Help With Post-Production

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How to Get Help With Post-Production

Looking for a post-production studio to help out with your editing work? Here are a few tips to assist with the search.

1. Learn the Terminology.
Terminology varies. For example, some people say “edit” while others say “select” or “cull,” but it all means the same thing: separating the keeper images from the discards. “Correction,” on the other hand, means different things depending on where you go, so be sure to ask.

2. Understand Your Own Workflow.
If your own workflow is not well defined, it can be difficult to fit an outside editor into it. Take some time to go over your current processes, make sure they’re consistent, and determine what steps you might like help with and which you want to keep for yourself.

3. Set Reasonable Expectations.
Don’t expect perfection from the start. There is a learning curve no matter who you hire to work on your images. Luckily, a good editor will prompt you for feedback and can adjust accordingly when it’s received.

4. Find Someone to Talk to.
While you’re not looking for love, you are looking for a relationship. Getting consistent results is the goal, and that is easier to do when your work is consistently done by the same people. Whatever resource you use to help with your post-production, make sure you can talk to the people doing your work when the need arises (and that they will listen).

Quick-Tip: If you’re ready to spend more time on your business and less time editing, we’d be happy to talk with you about what Post can do for you.Contact us today! Quick-Tip: If you’re stuck on number two above, check out our post-event workflow guide for pro photographers. It’ll get you pointed in the right direction.
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