Back It Up

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Back It Up

Your livelihood depends on digital files, so you’d best be prepared for when (not if) something goes wrong. Making sure you have multiple copies of each file is a start, but how and where you store those copies is just as important. A common backup strategy is the 3-2-1 system:

Keep 3 copies of every important file: one primary set and two backups. Store the copies on 2 different media types — DVD and Hard Drive, for example — to protect against different types of hazards. Keep 1 copy in an offsite location to protect against local incidents like fire or theft.

Once you decide on your backup strategy, be consistent with it. In an emergency, it won’t be terribly helpful if you only backed up some of your files. Back up everything, and do it regularly.


Quick-Tip: Post stores files for each job for no more than 30 days after delivery, so make sure you back them up on your end as you receive them. Quick-Tip: Post is now on Instagram! Follow post_edits to see what we’re up to.
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