Keep an Open Mind When It Comes to Workflow

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Keep an Open Mind When It Comes to Workflow

We all like to smile at the stereotype of an old man set in his ways. He sits in his rocking chair, telling anyone who will listen how everything used to be better, “back in my day.”

Truth is, we all get set in our ways to some degree. We keep doing certain things because they’re familiar, and eventually doing it any other way just seems wrong.

We often find this to be the case with post-production workflows. Photographers come to us with specific workflows in mind that are not exactly the most efficient. We suggest alternatives, when appropriate, and are met with varying degrees of receptiveness.

There’s nothing wrong with finding something that works and sticking with it for a while, but one should re-evaluate on ocassion. Who knows, a better alternative might have been created in the interim.


Quick-Tip: The RAW+XMP workflow is a great one. If you’re not familiar with it yet, here’s an introduction. Quick-Tip: Another workflow update we constantly recommend is Lightroom. It’s the photographers’ new best friend.
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