Create Boundaries and Play Spaces

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Create Boundaries and Play Spaces

Photography is an art and a business. It’s tough to balance these roles, especially when most photographers lean heavily towards the artistic side.

The key is creating boundaries and play spaces. Boundaries keep your inner artist from running rampant, and they keep your business profitable. Within those boundaries are play spaces where you can run free, be creative, and do what you love.

Take shooting and post-production as examples. Putting boundaries around each can greatly benefit your business and your art.

Each click of the shutter adds expenses later on in terms of time (if you edit yourself) or money (if you outsource the work). By standardizing how many images you shoot and deliver for each type of job, you know what to expect in terms of editing (and proofing) expenses. Knowing your expenses, in turn, helps you price your services and predict cash flow.

Similarly, by establishing limits on editing, you can better predict expenses, plan your schedule, and deliver to clients on time. By allowing yourself a certain number of hours to edit (or by allowing a certain budget for outsourcing it), you avoid the late nights of constant tweaking and second-guessing.

If your inner artist is cringing at the above limitations, have a look at the play spaces within. Yes, there’s an upper limit as to how many images you shoot, but within that you have free reign to be as artistic as possible. You know that the limit is both reasonable and flexible, giving you enough leeway to capture what’s important. But you can also relax as you shoot, knowing that the editing which comes afterward will be manageable and is already budgeted for.

It’s the same with editing. You’re free to be as creative as possible within the confines of the pre-defined boundaries. And when your time is up, you can go to bed without wondering if you should keep tweaking for a few more hours. Or if you outsource editing, you know just how much you spend for each job and allow your editor the freedom to make your images look great.

See, your inner artist and inner business person can live in harmony after all


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