Make a Resolution to Grow Your Business

Make a Resolution to Grow Your Business

It’s almost January again. That means it’s time for a New Year’s Resolution that will help your business grow: This year, get some help with your post-production work.

You know why you need to do it and what it will do for your business. So, no more excuses. No more coulda, shoulda, woulda.

And now, when you’re not busy, is the best time to start. Post-production – when done correctly – is a process that requires some initial back and forth to get right. Your post-produciton partner should be an active participant in this process.

And while we tend to think of post-production work as color correction in Lightroom or retouching in Photoshop, there is a lot more to it than that.

Good digital workflow management, while mundane, is important to ensure that images are processed in an effective and efficient manner. Your post-production partner can do more than just correct and retouch your images – they can help you get a handle on your life.


Quick-Tip: Once you get your post-production workflow going, you can spend more time building your business. And, since referrals are likely your biggest source of leads, simply taking better care of existing customers can help you do just that. Quick-Tip: After locking in the cost of outsourcing part of your post-production work, you can better price your products and services. Knowing what things really cost is necessary to understanding and controlling your business.

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