How to Share Your XMP Files

How to Share Your XMP Files

When providing feedback about a set of images to your Post editor, it can sometimes be helpful to send in your own edit of an image so the editor can see what it is you’re asking for. When the image in question is a RAW file, the quickest way to share your version of the image is to send us an XMP.

Here’s how that process works:

1. Open the image in Lightroom and make your adjustments.

2. With the image selected, go to the Metadata menu and choose “Save Metadata to File.” This creates an XMP file next to the RAW file in Mac Finder (or Windows Explorer).

3. Now we want to find that XMP file. The easiest way to do so is to right-click (control-click) the image within Lightroom and choose “Show in Finder” (or “Show in Explorer”).

4. A Finder (or Explorer) window opens with the RAW file selected. If the files are sorted by filename, you’ll see the XMP file right next to the RAW file. Click on it and check that the “Modified On” date and time match the current date and time (otherwise, you might send us an older version of the XMP).

5. From there, it’s just a matter of sending the XMP file. You can use the Post Web Uploader or FTP to send it, but it’s usually easier to simply email the fille.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for this process:

  • The above only works if we already have the RAW file. On our end, we’ll combine the RAW file with the newly sent XMP in order to see your edit.
  • You can do this for multiple files. Just edit them, select them, save the metadata to file, and then individually grab each XMP from Finder (or Explorer).
  • When you send the XMP, let us know what version of Lightroom you used to make the adjustments.


Quick-Tip: If you’re new to the idea of RAW files and XMPs, check out our introduction to the RAW+XMP workflow. Quick-Tip: You probably know that we’re big fans of monitor calibration. Right now, our friends at X-Rite are offering a $35 rebate on their ColorMunki calibrator.

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