Take a Quick Look on Your Mac

Take a Quick Look on Your Mac

There is a simple-but-useful feature for photographers in Mac OS X that is easily overlooked. It’s called Quick Look, and it allows you to, well, quickly loook at images (and other files) without having to open separate software.

Quick Look is built in to Mac Finder, so there’s no need to install anything new. Just select an image or set of images in Finder and press the spacebar. A preview of the image pops up.

Press the spacebar again (or the escape key) to close the preview. Or choose another image in Finder, and Quick Look loads a new preview.

If you choose multiple images, Quick Look lets you flip through them using the arrow keys. Or click the “Index Sheet” button to browse smaller versions of the selected images. Try combining the full screen option with the index sheet for attractive image browsing.

Quick Look also has a slide show option. Combined with the full-screen option, this is a great way to quickly display a nice looking slideshow.

Yes, other image programs like Lightroom can do this type of thing better, but Quick Look’s simplicity and accessibility make it a very useful tool for when you don’t have time to load Lightroom.

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  1. WOW! I never knew about this feature – so much better than preview!
    Thanks so much for the tip!