Batch Renaming Files

Batch Renaming Files

File renaming doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are a number of tools available that make renaming large numbers of images quite easy.

File Renamer
At Post, we turn to a specialized program for our complicated renaming situations. Called simply “File Renamer,” it can modify filenames in almost any manner you could want. Check out the free version here if you’re interested.

But most situations can be handled by simpler tools that you likely already have. Here’s a short list of image software with file renaming abilities built in.

You know we’re fans of Lightroom here at Post. Easy renaming is just another reason why. Files can be renamed at any point in the LR workflow: during import (check the renaming option in the right-hand pane of the Import screen), during export (see the renaming options in the Export screen), or from the Library Module (select the images and choose “Rename Photos…” from the Library menu).

The trick is to get to the Filename Template Editor. This can usually be done by choosing “Edit…” from the File Naming drop-down menu. Once accessed, the Template Editor allows you to construct your new filenames piece-by-piece.

Bridge’s renaming function works similarly to that of Lightroom. After selecting the images to be renamed, select “Batch Rename” from the Tools menu. You can rename the files where they are or create copies of the files with the new naming.

Photo Mechanic
Access the renaming functionality by choosing “Rename” from the File menu. Click the Variables button to access the building blocks for your names.


Quick-Tip: Now that you know the tools to use for renaming, check out our article on the best file naming conventions. Quick-Tip: File naming is often closely related to file sequencing. Learn the basics of image sequencing here.

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