Photoshop RAW

Photoshop RAW

A studio owner asked us recently about the “Photoshop RAW” file format and whether it’s something worth using for photography purposes. The short answer is “no.” Here’s a bit more explanation.

In Photoshop, when you choose to “Save As…” one of the file format options is “Photoshop Raw.” It may sound like an alternative to the typical CR2 (Canon) and NEF (Nikon) RAW formats, but don’t be fooled.

The Photoshop RAW format is used only in very specific circumstances, mainly in the medical and research fields. When you save an image as Photoshop RAW, important data is stripped from the file. In a medical or research setting, that data is always the same and is, therefore, unecessary. But that data is very important in real-world situations. Without it, programs won’t know how to interpret the contents of the file, and you may find yourself unable to open the image.

So, our recommendation is to stay well away from Photoshop RAW.

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