[CONTEST ENDED] Quick Contest: Define Photography

[UPDATE] This contest is now over. Congrats to our winner, Tyson Trish. We’ll have more giveaways coming in the last few days of Contest Month, including the grand prize Lytro camera.

It’s contest time, and we’ve got $50 in PWD credit to give away today. All you have to do to enter is leave a blog comment below with your answer to the following:

How do you define “photography”? Go by the book or be creative – it’s up to you.

Everyone who shares will be entered into the random drawing. We’ll close the contest around 4pm Eastern to choose a winner. Good luck!



  1. Be be uniquely creative but know the rules before you break them

  2. Communicate a story or emotion by shaping light

  3. the recording of light on a sensitive surface – and I love seeing how visionaries stretch this definition into unexpected methods

  4. Photography is the science and art of taking wavelengths of light, waves of energy, and bending them through a lens to form images that our eyes can recognize and, in the best of cases, that can speak to our hearts.

  5. Elaine Hughes says:

    Capturing the moment, so that when you go back to look at that “moment”, it generates the same emotions as when it originally happened.

  6. The act of creating photographs 😛

  7. The art of producing images of objects and people, of shaping and capturing light with passion and purpose.

  8. Ed Boardman says:

    Simply putting a story or emotion into an image.

  9. tysontrish says:

    When I get to focus on capturing moments and don’t have to worry about spending hours color correcting!

  10. It is having the skills and knowledge to capture
    a breath-taking likness of someone or something…which makes a memory come to life.

  11. Scott Garrity says:

    Photography is capturing a reflection of light in a moment of time.

  12. Photography is capturing an image in a moment that will never be the same again. It freezes time in that instant. It brings life and emotion to the only one true thing we have…memories.

  13. Time’s up! I’ll be right back with your winner.

  14. We’ve got a winner. Ready? It’s… Tyson Trish! Congrats! Tyson, your prize is in the (e)mail.

    Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on what photography is. There’s some really beautiful ideas in there.