Photographer Spotlight – Kristi Odom

In Atlanta-native and PWD client, Kristi, we found a wonderful wedding and engagement photographer – the images on her consumer website are stunning. But that didn’t prepare us for the images we found in her nature collection.

Filled with beautiful and haunting images from around the globe, Kristi’s photos show that she is a world-traveler with a wide range of interests and a great talent for getting up close with other cultures and other species.

Here’s a taste of the beautiful images she has captured in her travels.

More about Kristi:

Kristi Odom’s photography focuses on the sublime in nature by looking at natural abstractions, and revealing pieces of a whole. She captures intimate portraits of endangered animals to bring attention to the cause of conservation.  Her photography and lectures encourage people to get out and see the natural world, with the hope of experience leading to preservation.

Born in Atlanta, Kristi moved to Australia to study Fine Arts with a concentration in Photomedia at the University of New South Wales.  After completing her degree she traveled alone around the world with her camera.  She uses her photography series “6 Continents, a Girl, and a Camera” not only to show the beauty seen throughout the world, but to use alongside her lectures to give people the courage to travel and experience the world. In 2010, Kristi co-lead a workshop in Uganda where the group set out to photograph endangered mountain gorillas.  She now lives in the DC area with her husband and crazy dog.

Be sure to visit Kristi’s wedding and nature sites for more amazing images.



  1. Kristi Odom is one of my favorite DC area photographers. She does incredible work. Thanks for featuring her!

  2. Tim Byrne says:

    Beautiful work, Kristi! You’ve taken the time to learn and to make these images talk to us. Thank you!