[CONTEST ENDED] Quick Contest: What Does PWD Do?

[UPDATE – This contest is now over. Congratulations to our winner, Erin Denny!]

Could you use $25 in PWD credit? Here’s your chance!

Leave a reply below with the names of exactly three specific services/products offered by PWD. But don’t repeat a product/service that someone else has already posted.

We’ll choose a winner randomly from everyone who answers correctly. The contest ends at 4pm Eastern, so good luck!



  1. Post production (my favorite) album design and prints!

  2. post production services, canvas prints, proofing

  3. Susan beat me by seconds. I’ll add “artistic styling” to my list

  4. Okay, “post-production” and “prints” are a bit broad, but I’ll accept them. Going forward, everyone else can feel free to list specific products/services within those categories.

  5. Color correction and retouching, album design, and prints? Lol!

  6. culling the rejects, renumbering the images, uploading to photographer’s proof site

  7. Image selection, color correction, portfolio images

  8. Color correction, custom retouching, album design, artistic styling like split toning, sepia, b/w

  9. post production, album design, prints!

  10. color correction, photo albums, canvas prints

  11. Jack Dog Studio says:

    color correction, retouching, and PWD has trained editors!

  12. oops , listed too many- but there are so many things..vignettes, print mounting, photo cards.

  13. Jack Dog Studio says:

    ooops on the repeated color correction. Replace with: technical support

  14. okay so hard to not copy so i am just going to say make my great pictures look awesome so my customers will keep coming back 🙂

  15. Think we’re running low on answers? We’ve got a lot more that haven’t been mentioned. Hint: https://www.pwdlabs.com/Pricing

  16. Cards, Custom DVD printing and School/Team/Dance Fulfillment and for a bonus – the best customer service evah!

  17. Times up! We’ll be back with a winner!

  18. Proof slideshow discs, magnets, & even boutique packaging!

  19. oh no! lol I was having trouble logging in

  20. Congrats to Erin Denny! You’ve won the $25. Please email contest@pwdlabs.com to claim your prize.