Sending Images: Web Upload vs FTP Upload

Sending Images: Web Upload vs FTP Upload

Post offers two methods for electronically uploading your images to us: the Post Web Uploader and FTP. They each have their advantages, so here’s how to decide which one is best for you.

Web Uploader
This is the simpler method of the two. Accessible from within the Post website, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping the images you wish to send.

The Web Uploader works best when sending in a single folder of files. If you happen to get disconnected during the upload, you can quickly recover by dragging in the same set of files. The uploader is smart enough to skip already completed files and resume partially uploaded ones.

For more complicated uploads, we offer FTP. It requires the installation of software and some know-how, but FTP is quite a powerful and stable upload solution.

With FTP, you can upload multiple folders – good for those who like to categorize their images before sending them in for editing. Another bonus is that you can see which files we’ve received, making it easier to determine which files you need to re-send in the case that something goes wrong.

So which should you use? Well, if you have a simple upload, give the Web Uploader a try first. Then hop over to FTP if you need something a bit more robust. Happy uploading!

Quick-Tip: Here’s an introduction to FTP for those interested in giving it a try. Quick-Tip: August is Contest Month at Post! Find out how you can win post-production discounts, Post store credit, and a Lytro lightfield camera.

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