Post-Production Pro Tips: Why Outsource Post-Production?

Why Outsource Post-Production?

PWD editors work on photos all day, every day.  This allows a level of expertise and efficiency that most busy photographers don’t have the time for or interest in.But it’s not just about your time.  Post-production is what we do, while for you it’s a means to an end:

Better images – PWD editors are color experts.  They take the time to get to know you and your style, and they put years of experience into delivering images that you’ll be thrilled to have represent you.

Faster delivery to your clients – PWD’s efficient workflow means you can count on fast, consistent turnaround on all your jobs.  That speed and quality reflects positively on you when you deliver to your clients.

More time to focus on your business – Outsourcing is a business decision that frees up time for you to implement marketing plans, work with clients, and do those things necessary to run a successful photography business.  When properly implemented, outourcing can actually help improve your bottom line.

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Quick-Tip: Just need help with a specific image or task? PWD’s services are offered a la carte, so you can order only what you need.  But don’t be surprised if you find yourself trusting more and more to your PWD editor over time! Quick-Tip: Download your free copy of the PWD post-event workflow guide and learn about backing up your data, organizing and naming your image files, preparing your environment for editing, and breaking the image work into manageable chunks.