Post-Production Pro Tips: How Many Images Is Enough?

How Many Images Is Enough?

How many images should photographers shoot and deliver? While it’s impossible to say how many images is enough, there are a few things worth keeping in mind when deciding this for your business.

Each time the shutter is pressed, an image is created that later has to be kept or discarded. If it is kept, it has to be processed. Whether the selection and processing are done by the photographer, an assistant, or a post-production studio, it’s not free.  It takes time and money to handle every image.

Numerous consumer studies show that people are easily overwhelmed when presented with many choices, making them less likely to make any decision at all.  In the world of photography, this means that showing a client two pictures of grandma is more likely to result in a print purchase than if you show them ten.  Though people say they like choice, the studies bear out the fact that more is not always better.

Pictage, a popular hosting solution for photographers, recommends delivering between 600 and 1,000 images for an event to achieve the maximum sales.  Our own anecdotal experience shows that wedding and event photographers are delivering fewer images these days than in the past – about 1,000 or fewer.


Quick-Tip: If you’re staring at a mound of images that you don’t have time for, send them to PWD.  We’ll choose the best, make them look good, and send them back.  Easy! Quick-Tip: When it comes to client delivery, timing can be just as important as quantity.  PWD helps you deliver final images quickly so you can start selling while emotions are still high.