Post-Production Pro Tips: Lightroom 4 is Here

Lightroom 4 is Here

Did you hear?  Adobe just released the latest version of its great photo editing/organizing software.  We’re huge fans of Lightroom here at PWD, and this version looks like it adds some great new features.

We do tend to be cautious with any new software, however, so we’re not jumping in feet first just yet.  Right now, we’re busy testing out version 4 to see what it means for our clients and the PWD workflow.  We’ll let you know more soon.

For now, here’s a highlight of some of the new features that might entice you to upgrade.

  • Enhanced photo controls improve the processing of highlights and shadows.
  • Localized photo brushes let you get more specific with your edits.
  • Book module lets you create and order books right from the software.
  • Location based organization shows your photos on a map (assuming they have GPS coordinates embedded).
  • Extended video support lets you edit and “develop” video files.

But the best new feature may be the price.  At just $149 for a full version — or $79 for the upgrade, — it’s a 50% drop in price!

Initial reviews are positive, so whaddya say?  Are you planning to upgrade?

Quick-Tip: If you do upgrade to Lightroom 4, that won’t interfere with your PWD workflow. The version 3 XMPs we return to you will still work just fine. Quick-Tip: Lightroom isn’t necessary for working with PWD. If you don’t want to bother, just ask us to send back JPGs so you can have beautiful, ready-to-use files.