Post-Production Pro Tips: Receiving Sequenced Images From PWD

Receiving Sequenced Images From PWD

You may have noticed that the PWD post-production order form only allows you to request sequenced images when your output type is either JPG or Lightroom catalog.  To return sequenced JPGs, we just need to rename the files in order and you’re good to go.  Lightroom catalogs are just a bit trickier, and we’ll cover them below.

But first, a word about why XMPs cannot be returned with sequencing intact.  It comes down to the simple fact that sequencing data cannot be stored within XMPs.  Why not rename the XMPs in order like we do with JPGs?  Well, then the XMPs wouldn’t match up with your RAW files, rendering them useless.

But let’s say you receive a Lightroom catalog back from PWD, and you know we sequenced the images.  How do you make sure you’re seeing them in the correct order?

sort menu screenshotLightroom has a number of sorting options: you can sort images by file name, capture time, rating, etc.  You can also sort by User Order, and this is the one we’re interested in.

Open up the Lightroom catalog you received and choose the folder with your images.  Towards the bottom of the screen, choose the “Sort” pop-up and select “User Order.”  This displays the images in the sequence we put them in.  If you wanted, you could drag and drop the images to further tweak the order.  Or you could export JPGs (being sure to rename them during the export so they retain the sequencing).

Note that User Order has some limitations.  It only appears as a sort option when you have an actual folder selected.  If you choose a collection or a top-level folder that contains subfolders, the User Order option will not be available.


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