Post-Production Pro Tips: How PWD Labels Images in Lightroom

How PWD Labels Images in Lightroom

This week’s tip is for PWD post-production clients who receive XMPs or Lightroom catalogs as their output method of choice.  When we return these file types, we code the files with typical metadata options (star ratings, color labels) in order to help you know what’s what.Once you’ve opened the Lightroom catalog or imported the XMPs, you’ll need to know a few things about how we organize images:

Star Ratings
If we performed image selection, we labeled the keepers with 5 stars and the discards with 1 star.

  • To see just the keepers, use a filter to show only images rated with 5 stars.
  • To change an image from a keeper to a discard (or vice versa), just change the image’s star rating.

Color Labels
Color labels are used to indicate images which have had different PWD services applied:

  • Red – Black & White images
  • Yellow – Vignette images
  • Green – Artistically styled images (These will only be seen when a Lightroom catalog is returned.)
  • Purple – Portfolio images or retouched images (These will only be seen when a Lightroom catalog is returned.)
  • Blue – Indicates something is wrong with the image (ex: corrupt images) or it is questionable (ex: it’s blurry, and we’re on the fence about keeping or discarding it)


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