A Little Love Note About Outsourcing

Erica Schneider, of Acres of Hope Photography, has been outsourcing post-production work to Post for over a year and has no plans of going back to doing the work herself. As a successful wedding and portrait photographer, Erica knows that her time is better spent connecting with clients and running her business. Erica explains it best:

In the midst of a busy 2010 wedding season, I found myself completely overwhelmed with editing jobs. Struggling to keep up with thousands of images a week, I began to loathe sorting and dreaded the editing even more. I was stressed, busy and unable to focus on the aspects of my business I wanted to focus on – primarily, customer service.

I longed to have enough time in my day to send little email love notes to my clients the day after a shoot telling them how great they did, or a welcome-home-from-your-honeymoon love note. I wished I could hand-deliver prints to my clients instead of shipping them off in the mail. I wanted to pour more effort into styling my shoots and developing more personal relationships with my clients.

That’s when I decided to look into outsourcing post-production.

I “interviewed” four different companies that July. Post met my simple, must-have criteria: the ability to create a custom editing profile and easy uploading of files. I don’t believe they were the cheapest or the most expensive option, so the deciding factor came in customer service.

Post “wowed” me from the start. They were extremely responsive, answering all of my questions via email and phone. Melissa, Jerry and the rest of the team welcomed me like I was their top priority. To this day, I’m still surprised to learn that I’m not their only client!

Over the course of the year, I handed over more and more post-production in order to streamline my workflow: color-correction, black-and-white conversion, sharpening and finally retouching. At one point, I had a boudoir client that was interested in full-body retouching on her images. I had not ordered retouching from Post before, so I emailed about pricing and details. The next day, I received a response from Jerry, CEO – on a Saturday! I was blown away. Little efforts like this (and there have been many more) have made a lasting impression on my mind. Nothing trumps excellent customer service. Oh yeah, and to finish my story, I got set up so I could deliver boudoir images that are always retouched, making my clients feel absolutely glamorous and amazing!

Post recently shared their news with me about partnering with Pictage. As a long-term Pictage member, what’s better than hearing that two companies I utilize on a daily basis are joining forces? I’ve always believed in working with the best, and now the best are working with each other.

Post has exceeded my expectations as a business partner time and time again. All in all, Post is one of my favorite companies to work with. Ever. I am relieved to know that for as long as I am in business, Post will be my post-production studio of choice. And the Pictage/Post integration is going to be the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously, this is going to be awesome!

Written by Erica Schneider

Erica is a San Diego based Wedding, Lifestyle and Boudoir Photographer who loves capturing people in LOVE.  Erica is an active member of WPPI and PPA, and has been featured on popular wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Junebug Weddings, The Wedding Chicks, DIY Bride and The Knotty Bride. Learn more about Erica at Acres of Hope Photography.



  1. This is 100% of how I want my images to look when I get them back from PWD. Across the board 🙂 I love the warmth!


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