Post-Production Pro Tips: Edit in the Dark

Edit in the Dark

At PWD, our editors always edit in a windowless, darkened room (lovingly called the Edit Cave).  The purpose for this is to avoid stray light reflecting off the monitors and affecting the colors the editors see in the images on the screen.

We also keep in mind Dark Adaptation, the phenomenon of human eyes taking time to adjust to a change from a bright environment to a dark one.  Because of this adjustment period, your eyes may see the images differently based on how much time they’ve had to adapt.

Our recommendation then is two-fold: edit in a darkened environment, and give your eyes time to adjust before beginning an edit session.  Combined with regular monitor calibration, these practices will help you see colors as true and consistent as possible.

Quick-Tip: Need your photos corrected fast? Four-day turnaround is standard at PWD. Three-day and two-day rush are available as well. Quick-Tip: If you find yourself with noisy, underexposed images, consider adding noise reduction to your next post-production job.


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