PWD Partners With AlbumExposure

PWD Labs - Post-production Pro Tips

If PWD has designed an album for you within the last year, you already have experience with our new partner, AlbumExposure.

That’s because AlbumExposure is PWD’s solution of choice for proofing album design layouts.  AlbumExposure offers an elegant and simple site which makes it easy to share, review, and comment on album design proofs.

PWD and AlbumExposure are excited to introduce a new feature which will further improve the design review process: it’s called Push.  PWD can now “push” an album design into your own AlbumExposure account.  Once there, you can share the design with your clients using your own branding.  You also have access to all album comments between you and your client and between you and PWD.  Ask about pushing your design the next time you outsource to PWD.

Whether you design your own albums or outsource that work to PWD, you and your clients will love using AlbumExposure.  By having your own AlbumExposure account, you will benefit even more from increased control and clearer lines of communication. Learn more about AlbumExposure here.