Post-Production Pro Tips: Invest in Lightroom

Invest in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom 3 has become the industry standard for editing and managing large amounts of images.  While Photoshop remains ideal for detailed editing of one or two images, Lightroom allows you to quickly organize and manipulate an entire shoot’s worth of images.

For all it does, the software is quite reasonably priced and a must have for professional photographers, no matter what you shoot.

Quick-Tip: Once you pick up a copy of Lightroom, there’s a lot to learn.  Google can help you find tutorials and tips, or you might check out this video series from (not free, but good stuff). Quick-Tip: Lightroom fits perfectly into the outsourcing workflow.  Next time you send your images to PWD, consider having us return a Lightroom catalog.  It’s a quick and easy way to get back all the edits.