Post-Production Pro Tips: Why Outsource Album Design?

Why Outsource Album Design? While some photographers may enjoy the creative aspect of designing album layouts, many consider the task time-consuming, grueling and uncomfortable. If you are on the fence about outsourcing album design, consider the … [Read more...]

Why Outsource Album Design?

Album design - the very words evoke a range of emotions for photographers. While some photographers may enjoy the creative aspect of designing layouts, many consider the task time consuming, grueling and uncomfortable. If you are on the fence about … [Read more...]

Sharpen Your Skills!

Photography is a vast, complex discipline.  It takes a long time to learn and master the many aspects of photography.  For the intermediate and aspiring professional photographer, identifying skills you need to work on can  be a difficult task in … [Read more...]

PWD Partners With AlbumExposure

If PWD has designed an album for you within the last year, you already have experience with our new partner, AlbumExposure. That's because AlbumExposure is PWD's solution of choice for proofing album design layouts.  AlbumExposure offers an elegant … [Read more...]

Post-Production Pro Tips: Ease Into RAW

Ease Into RAW If you've considered switching from shooting JPG to shooting RAW but just aren't ready to take the plunge, try easing in instead. For your first few shoots with RAW, use a safety net.  Set your camera to shoot both JPG and RAW at … [Read more...]

Making the Switch from JPG to RAW

Introduction If you’re looking for a debate between RAW and JPG, you’re not going to find it here.  We at Post acknowledge that both RAW and JPG have their place, and it’s up to the photographer to decide which makes sense for them.  Instead, let’s … [Read more...]

Post-Production Pro Tips: Skintones are the Priority

Skintones are the Priority You want the subjects of your photos – the people – to look their best, right? Then skintones need to be the priority when editing color and exposure. Aiming for natural skin color will have your clients looking good, … [Read more...]

Balancing Exposure With Flash

A couple of weeks ago we talked about techniques for shooting in the bright sunlight.  This week we'll discuss a flash technique that can help you balance the exposure of your subject and your background when you're photographing a subject that is … [Read more...]

Album Design Sale [SALE ENDED]

[Update: This sale is now over.] Right now, outsource and save on PWD album design services:                                          >> 10% off your next album design                                          >> 15% off … [Read more...]

Post-Production Pro Tips: Can I Afford Post-Production?

Can I Afford to Outsource Post-Production? That depends on how much you value your time.  How much would you say you’re worth -- $50 per hour?  $100?  $250?  $500?  More?  Let’s take a look at that. Depending on the specific job details, PWD could … [Read more...]