Digital Cameras With Built-In WiFi?

Have you heard of Samsung’s new camera that has built-in WiFi?  It’s called the SH100, and there’s a great, comprehensive review on it here (Article Link).

samsung sh100 digital photography built-in wifiAlso on the built-in WiFi front, there’s a memory card from Eye-Fi ( that has built-in wireless capability.  These cards can actually send images to your iPhone or iPad if you aren’t in WiFi range, which is pretty amazing.

wi-fi memory cards                             eye-fi wi-fi memory card

These new WiFi-capable products seem to be still in their youthful and imperfect phase, but this is big news for the future of professional gear.  As a professional photographer, the biggest benefit to having a camera or card with WiFi capability would be the ability to backup your images instantly to the web, or even to a hard drive you’d bring with you on location.  The WiFi would have to get to a point where it was super reliable and fast, but that seems very possible and likely given the lightspeed pace of technological developments these days in, well, everything.

Imagine photographing a wedding and being able to backup your images as you shoot.  If your memory card fails or even if your camera gets damaged or stolen, you still have your images backed up on the good ol’ internet.  You could even set up the WiFi to upload your images directly to your PWD Labs account for color correction.  That would save you even more time.   Thank you technology!

This necessary level of perfection of incorporating WiFi into digital cameras and cards is probably several years off, but keep an eye out for it.  It could be the next big thing in digital photography.