Post-Production Pro Tips: File Naming

File Naming - Best PracticesThe file names created by cameras are not particularly useful, so it's only natural to rename your image files at some point.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when renaming: Avoid using spaces, periods, and fancy … [Read more...]

Digital Cameras With Built-In WiFi?

Have you heard of Samsung’s new camera that has built-in WiFi?  It’s called the SH100, and there’s a great, comprehensive review on it here (Article Link). Also on the built-in WiFi front, there’s a memory card from Eye-Fi ( that has … [Read more...]

Post-Production Pro Tips: Upload Times

Upload Times One of the easiest ways to send and receive files is electronically via FTP or web upload.  However, whether this is feasible or not depends on the amount of data you’re sending as well as your internet speed.  Photographers deal with … [Read more...]

Photography In The Bright Sun

We've all been there.  A photo shoot in the bright sun.  Mid-day light is horrific and about as subtle and lovely as a garbage truck.  It's best to avoid it at all costs, but there are times when you have no choice. Here's a quick study of a couple … [Read more...]

Post-Production Pro Tips: Sequence Your Images

Sequence Your Images It's always nicer to browse through a group of images which have been sequenced, so make sure your images are neatly organized before presenting them to your clients.  You'll be doing yourself a favor as well because performing … [Read more...]

PWD Is Headed Your Way

   PWD is headed your way!  We're travelling the country with the WPPI Road Trip and the PPA Tour.  Today marks the beginning of the trip in Long Beach.  Check out our full schedule below, and come join us at a city near … [Read more...]

Monitor Calibration: A Real World Example

We've talked multiple times before about monitor calibration and how critical it is to the process of post-production.  Recently, we had a real world example help drive the point home.A client who had received some corrected images from Post … [Read more...]

Mixed Lighting

Ever take a picture you’re so proud of--you just nail it in every way--but when you try to get the color right in post-production you can’t get it to work?  Could be a problem with mixed lighting.  Photographing a subject in mixed lighting is a very … [Read more...]

Save 10%, 15%, and 20% on Post-Production

Text version: This August, the more you outsource, the more you save: 10% off your next job 15% off the second 20% off the third Use coupon code FPY1GR1H to save 10% on your next post-production or design order.  We'll then email another … [Read more...]

Post-Production Pro Tips: Shoot RAW

Shoot RAW For ultimate flexibility when it comes to post-production, RAW is the way to go. Shooting RAW makes it easier to achieve consistent color and exposure. This is because JPGs throw out quite a bit of image information in order to save space. … [Read more...]