Save Money By Shooting RAW Instead Of JPEG!

One of the most common excuses reasons we hear from people not wanting to switch from shooting JPEG to shooting RAW is that it’s cheaper to shoot JPEG because JPEGs are smaller than RAW files and therefore you can fit more images on a memory card.

It’s true that you can fit more JPEGs on a memory card than RAW images.  But here’s some more math for you.

Let’s say you send your images to PWD for color correction and you shoot JPEG.  You have 600 images from a wedding and you order Signature Correction.  The cost for this service if you send us JPEGs is $228 (.38 x 600).  If you send us RAW files, it will cost you $216 (.36 x 600).  That’s a $12 difference because color correction at PWD is cheaper if you shoot RAW!

$12 isn’t a big deal, you say?  Well check this out.

A good 8GB CF card costs around $50 depending on what’s on sale on the internet on a particular day.  That means that if you shoot in RAW and send three weddings of 600 images to PWD for color correction, you will have saved $48 just by shooting RAW instead of JPEG.  Take that money and buy a CF card.  Nice, huh?  (NOTE: If your camera uses SD cards, which are cheaper than CF cards, you can make up the cost even faster!)

Long story short: over time, you will save money by shooting RAW.  You can take the money you save and buy the memory cards you may need to store the larger RAW files.  Over even more time, you can take the extra money and further invest in your business in whatever way you want.

Think long term.  See the big picture.  Make the switch to shooting in RAW!