Understanding Aperture

Continuing on our start-of-the-busy-season refresher courses, this week we’re talking about aperture. Aperture refers to the hole or opening through which light passes through a camera lens.  Aperture is often referred to as f-stop and is written as … [Read more...]

Life in the Balance :: Evaluate

Guest author Emily Potts runs her own photography business, heads the exceedingly popular Moms With Cameras blog, and still finds time to be “Mom.”  As a fan of PWD, Emily has honored us by extending to our readers the same kind of heartfelt advice … [Read more...]

Shoot Day Checklist: Be Prepared!

Be prepared.  It’s a motto good enough for the Boy Scouts, and it’s good enough for us photographers too.  You just can’t say enough about how important it is to be prepared for a shoot.  Knowing you have everything you need and that you haven’t … [Read more...]

Amazing As Always

“I cannot believe how fast you got my images back to me. Plus, they all look amazing as always! Yay Post! - Robin Nathan of Robin Nathan Photography Check out more praise for Post from professional photographers. … [Read more...]

Above and Beyond

“Post is incredible! They have gone above and beyond for me with their beautiful retouching work and personal customer service. Thank you so much!! - Hannah Cherney of Hannah Skye Photography Check out more praise for Post from professional … [Read more...]

Film Cameras Become Digital Cameras!

On April Fools Day we fell for a good one here at PWD.   Click this link to see what it was:  www.re35.net   Personally, I thought this was a fantastic idea.  Film canisters that contain digital sensors and can be used in old 35mm … [Read more...]

Understanding ISO

We’re about to fall headlong into the busy season of weddings and portrait sessions, not to mention all the traveling you might be doing this summer if you’re not me. (Sigh...)  I thought it’d be helpful to do a couple of refresher courses on … [Read more...]

When Is Photography Illegal – Guest Follow-Up

Editor’s note:  We received a number of good comments about Josh's post on illegal photography. One of our customers, Robin Nathan, even went so far as to write about her own experiences, which we think are worth sharing.   Here are some … [Read more...]