5 Ways To Kickstart Your Photography Creativity

Here in Atlanta at PWD Labs headquarters, the first signs of Spring are everywhere.  The dogwoods and Japanese magnolias are blooming, the days are getting warmer, and now that Daylight Savings Time has kicked in sunset happens later in the day.  All of these things are great news for photographers.  Chances are, your busy season is just starting to get going.  I thought it’d be a great thing to give some thought to a few ways to get your creativity flowing in new ways for this new year of success.  Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

  1. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS:  As the saying goes, “Nothing succeeds like success.”  Hardly anything is more inspiring than feeling that you’re doing a great job.  Try setting up a shoot that showcases your strengths.  If you’re a great portrait photographer, for example, set up a challenging portrait session where you can really let your best skills get a workout.
  2. PLAY TO YOUR WEAKNESSES:  Sometimes the best inspiration can be to tackle your biggest challenges head-on.  Try setting up a shoot in which you have to use your weaker skills.  Bad at using off-camera flash?  Set up a shoot where you have to use it.  Bad at shooting in low light?  Go to a concert and try to get great shots in that challenging stage lighting.
  3. USE A DIFFERENT CAMERA:  Using a new kind of camera can really challenge you to see in a different way.  Borrow a friend’s camera or rent one at your local camera shop.  Shoot with the best camera you can find.  Shoot with a horrible point-and-shoot.  Shoot film!  Try a Holga.  Try anything new!
  4. USE A NEW KIND OF LENS:  Trying out a new lens can really stimulate your creativity.  Borrow or rent a lens that you’ve never used.  Try a super telephoto, a macro, or an ultra wide angle lens.  Keep it on your camera for a whole weekend and shoot as many different kinds of subjects as you can.
  5. IF YOU’VE NEVER DONE IT, DO IT:  Maybe the very best creativity stimulator is doing something you’ve never done.  If you’ve never done a portrait, set one up with a friend.  If you’ve never taken photos of a concert, buy a ticket for an up-and-coming local band’s show and go shoot the show.  Take a long exposure of the night sky.  Plain and simple: think of the thing you’ve never done and do it.

I hope these ideas help get your creativity going for this season.  Happy shooting!

Josh Lamkin, PWD Labs Editor



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