Digital Holga!

Yes, you read that right: Digital Holga.  It’s a Holga and it’s digital.

For you those of you who aren’t familiar with the Holga camera, the Holga is basically an early 1980’s all plastic 120 film camera.  A Holga’s cheap construction causes  imperfections like vignetting, edge blur, color streaking, light leaks, and all kinds of craziness that make images taken with a Holga camera look unique and, unless you’re not into that kind of thing, totally awesome.

If you’re like me, you love shooting film, you love the minimalism of the controls of most film cameras, and you love the wait-and-see part of not knowing what you’ve got until you get your negatives back.  One of the coolest things about this new digital Holga is that there is no display screen.  Yep, no display.  No chimping.  You can’t see the pictures until you download them to your computer (the camera uses an SD card).  This new digital Holga will have very few buttons and controls.  The user will be able to change shutter speed and ISO settings, as well as change to a Black & White mode, and honestly, that’s pretty much it.  Kind of goes along with the Holga film camera’s sales slogan, “Don’t Think, Just Shoot!”

Retail cost and release date of the digital Holga are yet to be announced.  The digital Holga is still in the prototype stages, and you can read much more about it on designer Saikat Biswas’ website. A new piece of gear this creative and fun could be just the thing to help add even more interesting images to your portfolio or to reinvigorate your creativity.  Let’s hope this camera goes into production soon!

-Josh Lamkin, PWD Editor