The WPPI Memoirs – The Trade Show

While we intended to write more about our time at WPPI, we quickly learned that a daily summary was much too ambitious.  Below, Melissa finds the time to wrap-up a wonderful and crazy trip.


Melissa Bugg – PWD Managing Editor:

Monday morning.  Day 1 of the trade show.  I ate a good breakfast and got my caffeine fix and made my way to the ballroom.  I was ready for what was to come.  Or so I thought.  The next two days were a complete blur.  I think I met some people, maybe even talked to a few of them, I don’t remember.  I’m pretty sure I blacked out.

The next thing I know is it’s Wednesday morning.  I had a dream the previous night that PWD took part in the Indy 500.  We were the pit crew.  The only pit crew.  For every single car.  And somehow, we made it through without causing anyone to lose their place in the race.  And then I realized it wasn’t a dream.  We had just been through our first trade show at WPPI.  And we triumphed.

In the days we spent in Vegas, we met some of our current clients as well as many new ones.  We learned a lot, saw a lot, and slept a little.  An immense thank you to all of those who make WPPI happen  – we appreciate you so much.  Thank you to all of you who came to see us at our booth and made sure we were properly hydrated.  We’re very much looking forward to working with you and we’re excited about what the coming year will bring!




  1. I didn’t get to meet you guys at WPPI, but I AM signing up for an account with you and sending an order your way soon. I’m looking forward to working with you all!!