Seventeen-year-old’s Photo Project Gets an Assist from Local Professional

[UPDATE 4/23] Arielle sent us this link to an interview she did about the Danbo series:

Check this out.  One of our Atlanta customers, Jon Marks, has been helping teenage photographer Arielle Nadel hone the technical skills she needs for a 365-day photo project featuring the little “Danbo” character above.  It seems to be working.  Jon’s mentoring, combined with Arielle’s natural and creative talent, is producing work that is attracting a lot of attention – even as far away as Japan!   You will see why when you visit Arielle’s Flickr site.  But, before you click on the link below, let me save you a little internet search time regarding Danboard (Danbo, for short).

A Danboard is a small, cardboard robot (from the Japanese word danboru – cardboard) that does absolutely nothing at all.  As best as I can tell it’s a Pet Rock with personality – very much personality in the case of Arielle’s photos.  Check it out at Arielle’s Flickr site:  You can also find Arielle on Facebook:

Once you are done visiting Arielle’s sites you may want to know more about Danboard.  Here are some sites that sell Danboard and contain descriptive information:



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