Back Printing Explained

Our customers often ask how back printing works on POST prints.  Here’s a simple explanation for understanding what that stuff on the back of your prints means and how to customize it for yourself.



  1. VJ Paranagut says:

    I saw your ad in Rangefinder. It says you are a “Full Service Lab”. I come onto your web page and find out this is a lie. You are not a Full Service Lab. No B&W film processing and printing. No 8×10 or 5×7 developing.

    Just another digital flim-flam.

    • VJ, thanks for the comment. I’m sorry if you were disappointed to find that we do not process film; perhaps ‘Full-Service Digital Lab’ would be more precise. While a term like “full-service” is certainly subjective, we feel we provide a broad range of services – prints, proofs, press products, canvas, albums, post-production and design services, hosting and more – that justifies the label.