Your Photography Portfolio Goes Digital

Everything is going digital these days and now your photography portfolio is joining the pack.  Album is a new product from ALBUMteam which lets you carry around and display your portfolio or even your entire photo collection in one sleek, compact device.

The "Album" portable digital photogallery

While the concept of carrying around digital photos in your pocket may not be new (think iPhone or any portable camera), the Album product is designed for professional photographers.  The design is sexy, and, with only three buttons, it appears to be very easy to use.  A stylish leather case and a price point of $150 make this an attractive alternative for those who need to show off their work on the go.

New technology like this always gets me excited, but I’m curious as to whether anyone would use it.  What do you think?  Would you ever consider using a device like this when presenting to potential clients?  What about giving your clients one of these devices to keep, preloaded with their images, of course?  Can you think of any other uses?



  1. Most definitely considering getting it as a gift to a budding amateur photographer. I was going to load it up with some archived photos that said person was after. It has an SD and USB slot which means you don’t need to rely on the internal 4GB memory.

    It is bigger than an ipod touch screen, and definitely more user friendly because it only has the 3 button navigation. Its for photos, not sound, or videos or anything else really, so its basically a digital photo frame which you tote around. Very much a singular purpose, reminds me of the first ipod which was just for digital music on the go.

    The only downside to this product, is one, doesn’t do RAW format, unlike the Digi Foci portable photo display does.