Internet vs. Carrier Pigeon

Professional photographers tend to work with huge numbers of large files, and transferring so much data via the internet can certainly be frustrating on occasion.  The next time you find yourself cursing about how long it takes to upload a print order via ROES, however, just be glad you’re not doing so from South Africa.

A South African IT company recently held a race between the country’s biggest web service provider and a carrier pigeon.  The pigeon successfully transferred a 4GB memory card over 60 miles in the same amount of time it took the DSL service to transfer 4% of the same data.

Of course, this stunt won’t convince many people to invest in pigeon hutches, but it’s an amusing lesson on thinking outside the box.  Here at PWD, we recognize the limitations of even high-speed internet connections and offer free hard drive loans as an alternative method of delivery.  We generally recommend Fed Ex or UPS for delivering your images on those drives, but if you have an especially dependable pigeon, well… we say give it a shot.

link: full internet vs. pigeon story