ImageQuix is now just a click away

If you have yet to try ImageQuix – PWD’s online hosting partner,- now is the time.  We’ve recently made it incredibly easy to sign up with IQ, and your first event is always free.  To sign up for PWD and/or IQ (both accounts are completely free and require no commitment), follow the instructions that match your situation:

  • I have neither a PWD nor an IQ account: Click here, fill out one short form and you’ll receive two confirmation emails: one from PWD and one from IQ.
  • I have a PWD account, but no IQ account: Click here to login to PWD, then in the bottom-right of the Edit Account page, click the button to create your IQ account.
  • I have an IQ account, but not a PWD account: Click here to create your PWD account, then contact us so we can connect your existing IQ account to PWD.

Below are links to more information about ImageQuix.  Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly if you have any further questions.