PWD News – Canvas via IQ, Bambi Workshop Photos, and more

July 13, 2009

Sell Canvas via ImageQuix

Canvas, buttons, and magnets now available for sale to consumers

We’ve added new products to our IQ line-up so you, the photographer, can offer your clients more. You can add these items to your price list today. Click “Read More” to learn how.

Workshop Photos by Bambi Cantrell

Bambi shares model shots from the workshop

You followed her around the Georgia Aquarium, laughing and jotting down notes while she shot beautiful models. Now, see the pictures from the Bambi Cantrell shoot.

Increase Your Online Sales

How to make more money by offering discounts

In today’s economy the most powerful word is “discount,” but simply lowering your prices is not the answer. There are ways to offer discounts to your clients which encourage them save more by spending more. Guest author Matt McCulloch from ImageQuix shares tips on how to do just this.

Important Notice to Mac ROES Users

Or, why isn’t PWD ROES working on my Mac?!?
It appears the recent OS X 10.5.7 Java update has changed things around enough to cause some issues with ROES. Read on for the solution.

The Dark (room) Ages
Photojournalism before the digital enlightenment

In this occassional series, guest author Alan Weiner of The Wedding Bureau shares memories of his time as a contract photojournalist for The New York Times. This week, learn about his portable darkroom and what it took to deliver an image in the pre-digital days.

PWD Sale of the Week
10% off standard prints

They’re prints, they’re great quality and they’re on sale. Save now on studio-corrected prints.

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